March 2005

"Wear your habit!" That was Patrick’s advice to us when he spoke at the end of our triennial visitation. Specifically, he advised us to wear our habit (the Tau Cross) when we are serving in our various ministries. If people recognize the Tau, they know us as Secular Franciscans [well, they may get close; someone this morning thought I was a member of John Michael Talbot's community!]. If they don't recognize the Tau, they may ask us what it means...which gives us an opportunity to tell them!. Patrick also asked us what is important to us about the SFO and our fraternity, and pointed out that these are our marketing points!

I'd like to share a few other comments from Patrick's written report as the bulk of this month's column. In his cover letter, Patrick said:

My sincere thanks to you all for your very warm welcome and cooperation as well as for a great luncheon.

Yours is a spirit-filled and vibrant fraternity and I was honored to be "member for a day" of your fraternity.

Some other comments from the written report:

His recommendations:

It is always a joy to have Patrick join us. We missed Fr. Larry but are glad to hear that his mother is now in rehabilitation and doing much better.

With respect to recruitment, at our March council meeting we again reflected on the fact that PRAYER is the most essential component of promoting vocations to the SFO. Fortunately, prayer is also something we all can do! Please make a point of including prayer for all vocations, but especially to the SFO and our fraternity, in your daily office.

As we have mentioned before, the fourth Saturday of March is Holy Saturday and so we have postponed our fraternity meeting one week, to April 2. I'm sorry that I will not be with you that day - I will be helping with the Regional Candidates' Retreat. Please pray for those making the retreat (and for those giving it!) Also, please pray for Nick and Gingie as they make their final preparations for profession.

May the Risen Lord richly bless you this Easter and always!

Peace and good, Vickie