At the start of the party

Ken and Maurine Daniels

Kevin, Barb, Aunt Jen, Micheline, Nancy, Sallee, Uncle David (L to R around table) with Randy and Paul Dieter with Mom in background

Mom, Ken, Maurine, Tom (behind Mom), Ray Roach

Vickie's Mom and Alberta/Anita

Patrick, Dorothy (?), others from Mayslake

Uncle David, Kevin, Nancy

More folks at the party

Some of the Mayslake ladies



Domingo, Eastman, and Julie Tiu (and children) and Walter Scholz

Randy and Paul Dieter, George Seiwert and Nancy, etc.

Micheline, Aunt Jen, Carmela (back), Ruthie, Barb, Kay

Ken, Maurine, Tom, Karen, Micheline

Barb and Kevin in separate conversations

Gene, Alberta/Anita, Eastman, CJ

David and Ron

David and Ron

Dad, Mom, and David

Alberta/Anita, Aunt Jen, CJ, Grace

Gene, Ron, Dad

CJ, Grace, Aunt Jen, Gene, Ron, Dad

Carmela and Ruthie

Ken, Maurine, Tom, Karen

Dad and Mom

Julie Tiu and children

Waiting to eat

Mayslakers (Fern, Elena, etc.)

Fern, Elena, and others from Mayslake

Jim Skulski and more Mayslakers

Patrick and others from Mayslake

Jim Skulski and others from Mayslake

The cakes!

Domingo and Walter

Micheline, Nancy, Sallye

Randy and Paul Dieter etc.

The other side of the table: Nancy, George Saewert, Rocky Stone and his wife

Dad and Mom after dinner

Mom and David

Tom, Karen, Ken, Maurine

Ray, Steve?, Tom

Carmela, Ruthie, Kay, Aunt Jen

Dorothy, etc.

Carmela and Ruthie

Aunt Jen and Kay


Nancy, Sallye, Uncle David

Mom, Alberta/Anita, CJ

Getting ready to cut the cake

Cutting the cake

Cutting the cake

Cutting the cake

The first cut is done

Grace looking thoughtful




Grace and Ron

Uncle David


Dad with the garter

Maurine, Tom, Karen, etc.

Ron and Grace singing “Time in a Bottle”



Kevin and Barb

Grace and Ron

Ken and Maurine


The three Polish tenors

The three Polish tenors

Three Polish Tenors

Three Polish Tenors

Three Polish Tenors

Three Polish Tenors

Three Polish Tenors

Dad and Mom give their speech

Dad and Mom speaking

Dad and Mom speaking

Dad and Mom finishing their speech

Grace giving Dad and Mom their memory book

Dad and Mom with their memory book

Walter saying goodbye to Dad and Mom

Mom and Dad

Ron and Grace leading singalong

Sallye, Ron and Grace

Tom and Karen joining in the singing

Uncle David and Dad


Ron and Grace

Ron and Grace


Singing along

Singing along

Ron and Grace

Grace singing

Ron and Grace

Mom with ornament

Grace, Ron, and CJ

Ron and Grace

Ruthie, Dad, Vickie's Mom

Ruthie, Dad, Vickie's Mom

Ron and Grace at the after-party

Dad, Gene, Sallye, and Nancy at the after-party

Ron, Grace, and CJ at the after-party

Gene, Ron, Grace, and CJ

Rocky Stone and Dad

Mrs. Stone and Mom

David and Mom

Getting ready for a family portrait

Dad, Mom, Gene, Ron, David

Vickie's three surviving parents

The whole family: Dad, Mom, Ron, Grace, CJ, Vickie, David, Gene

Dad, Mom, Ron, Grace, CJ