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I have been a professed Secular Franciscan since 1985. (Secular, in this context, refers to anyone, lay or ordained, who has not taken religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.) Secular Franciscans make a lifelong promise to follow a Gospel way of life in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. The tenets of this way of life are spelled out in the Secular Franciscan Rule. Please visit my SFO page to learn more about the SFO and about our fraternity in the Fox Valley, Illinois area.

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Visit my very out-of-date blog, with occasional postings, particularly when I am trying to do a photo a day project.

Photo GalleryIce molded by a leaf

This photo was taken after an ice storm on December 11, 2007. The witch hazel had a leaf-shaped piece of ice that retained the texture of the leaf that formed it! While the original leaf appears to be encased in the ice, in fact it's completely separated, behind the ice.

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